When is the final manuscript submission deadline?
The deadline for uploading the final camera-ready manuscript for accepted papers is July 27th, 2015.
Is registration required before uploading the final manuscript?
Yes, a full registration by one of the authors is required to be associated with each paper.
Can several papers be associated with one full registration?
Yes, 2 papers can be associated with each full registration – this author has to be a co-author or principal author on both papers.
Does the author with the full registration have to present the paper?
No, any of the other co-authors can present the paper. This co-author also needs to be registered, though this could be a student registration.
Can the presenter information change after the submission of the final manuscript?
Yes. We will have to advise on the process later.
If the paper had reviews indicating revisions required, what is the process?
You would make the revisions and upload the final manuscript.
Will the paper be published if no one presents the paper at the conference?
No. Only presented papers will be submitted for publication.

In General:

Final Paper Upload:
Accepted, camera ready final papers must be uploaded to the EDAS paper processing website no later than July 27th, 2015. Follow the instructions provided in the acceptance email for final paper preparation. Instructions for adding the copyright notice to the paper are available here: Copyright notice for papers submitted to EPEC 2015 rev 1. Note, that the accepted paper cannot be uploaded until you have registered for the Conference – a full registration by one of the authors is required.
Conference Registration:
Please refer to the registration page for registration fees and registration methods. Note, you must submit a “Full” registration with your paper even if you are a student submitting a paper. Each Full registration allows an author to upload a maximum of 2 papers.