Energy Exemplar® Leads the Field in Energy Market Modelling

Energy Exemplar® develops and supports PLEXOS®: the best-in-class integrated electric power/water/gas simulation software with a global customer base and a history of success spanning more than 15 years. Our dedicated and highly skilled ISO 9001:2008 certified development team ensures that the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model software delivers the latest technologies and is developed to the highest standards while remaining a highly transparent and open system. We back our software with quality local technical support, consulting, data and implementation services. We constantly strive to offer the most advanced simulation software solution to our customers and we have a track record of being first-to-market with innovations in mathematical optimization-based ‘system of systems’ simulations.

London Hydro’s green button energy management applications.

London Hydro is a Local Distribution Company that services the city of London, Ontario, Canada. With a peak load of 719 megawatts, London Hydro delivers a safe and reliable supply of electricity to over 148,000 customers from the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. London Hydro has been a leading utility in demonstrating the Green Button energy information standard. Green Button is an automated interface for energy usage and pricing that, with the customer’s consent, can enable 3-rd party access and multi-site multi-utility customer-centric applications. London Hydro has developed an interactive and Green Button enabled Interval Data Center web/mobile for Commercial and Industrial Electricity Customers. Come to London Hydro’s booth at EPEC 2015 and see the latest customer-facing electricity distribution system applications.

IEEE Member Discounts

IEEE Member Discounts is part of the Member benefit portfolio, offering specially negotiated rates on goods and services and member group insurance products at outstanding rates. Please note that offers vary by location.

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Lambton College

Lambton College located in Sarnia Ontario is the sole provider of post-secondary education in the Sarnia-Lambton region. Lambton College is a leader in energy and supporting sectors for post-secondary and corporate education and applied research. It has established a Centre of Excellence for Energy and Bio-Industrial Technologies. Since 2007 The Applied Research & Innovation department at Lambton College has developed a robust portfolio of applied research projects focused on energy including renewable energy, conversion, storage, management and optimization. The applied research energy facilities include Sustainable SmartHouse, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Lab, Alternative Energy Lab, Advanced Material Engineering Research Lab, Materials Testing Lab and Instrumentation and Control infrastructure.

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the voice of the engineering profession in Ontario. We represent the entire engineering community, including licensed and unlicensed professionals, graduates, and students who work or will work in several of the most strategic sectors of Ontario’s economy. OSPE elevates the profile of the profession by advocating with governments, offering valued member services and providing opportunities for ongoing learning, networking and community building. OSPE was formed in 2000 after members of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) voted to separate regulatory and advocacy functions into two distinct organizations.

Hydro One Logo

Hydro One

Hydro One delivers electricity safely, reliably and responsibly to homes and businesses across the province of Ontario and owns and operates Ontario’s 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network that delivers electricity to large industrial customers and municipal utilities, and a 122,000 km low-voltage distribution system that serves about 1.3 million end-use customers and smaller municipal utilities in the province.

The Personal Logo

The Personal

Together, The Personal and IEEE members have joined forces to grant you access to exclusive group rates, customized coverage and additional savings, based on your personal needs through the home and auto insurance program. Get your group rates today by calling 1-888-476-8737 or visiting

Western Engineering

Western University

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Western University is one of Canada’s leading providers of Power Engineering education at both the Graduate and Undergraduate level. Research work carried out in the department includes the development of advanced control strategies for microgrids and FACTS devices, enhancements to instrumentation and safety systems for nuclear facilities, protection systems, power electronics, and the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric power grid. For more information about the programs and research in the ECE Department please go to

In addition to the work within ECE, the Faculty of Engineering at Western University also engages in energy-related research within its other departments: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Mechanical and Materials Engineering. This research includes investigations of advanced biofuels, new materials for next-generation battery technologies, novel solar thermal collection techniques, and innovative studies in wind generation. For more information on Western Engineering please go to


The CCPV Advantage

There’s no other facility like the CCPV in Canada. With a 25,000 square foot centre, housing leading-edge validation technologies and equipment, we’re able to offer prototyping and testing in one central location – with full developmental multi-modal capabilities under one roof for cost-effective results.

Our comprehensive suite of electrical, mechanical, environmental, thermal, and performance tests provide a truly multi-modal testing facility with integration across several functional areas…and it does so with a developmental focus. Not only will your product receive a “pass” or “fail” outcome, we work with you to determine the root cause of a test failure, detail under what conditions the product failed, and then develop solutions to ensure product success. With CCPV, you’ll streamline your processes, reduce risk, and get your product to market faster with increased confidence.

• Third party validation and benchmarking studies.
• Multi-modal testing to reflect actual or potential conditions of product application.
• Identification of product strengths and weaknesses.
• Enabling economically viable solutions.
• Secure client hoteling stations to protect documents and test samples.
• Access to federal and provincial research funding programs/grants.

PES Scholarship Plus

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative

Working with the IEEE Canadian Foundation and a signature program of the IEEE Foundation, the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative awards multi-year scholarships and provides opportunities to have career experience opportunities to qualifying U.S., Puerto Rico & Canadian electrical engineering undergraduate students. As long as the scholar continues to meet renewal standards, they are eligible to receive up to three years of funding interspersed with up to two years of valuable, hands-on career experience.

Electro Rent Canada

Electro Rent LLC: Rent, Lease, Buy Electrical & Power Test Equipment

Electro Rent carries the broadest range of electrical and power test equipment available for rent, lease or purchase. With an inventory of over 26,000 instruments from over 200 manufacturers, Electro Rent has whatever you need for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term needs. Our rapid delivery service ensures that you’ll receive the test equipment you need, when you need it. Our experienced staff is available on-line or by phone for your technical or sales-related questions. With our state-of-the-art labs and over 30 trained metrology and calibration technicians, your equipment will be carefully inspected by our quality team giving you confidence that the equipment will work when you receive it.



For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. The trademark was first registered in May 1903 and is jealously guarded by the company. Although we’re best known for our world famous range of insulation testers, Megger provides a full service solution to meet your electrical test and measurement needs. Our products provide testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, protective relay testing, and power quality testing. With such a diverse product offering, we are the single source for electrical test and measuring instruments.

George M. Fraser Ltd.

George M. Fraser Ltd.

George M. Fraser Ltd. is one of Canada’s well known suppliers of utility and industrial electrical components, test systems and technical services. Since becoming a manufacturers’ representative in 1956, our strategic goal has been to provide the industry with premium quality products from world-renowned manufacturers. Our growing portfolio ranges from utility ‘Control Switches’ and ‘Lock-Out Relays’ to ‘3-Phase Meter Analyzers’ and ‘High Voltage Test Systems’. We continually strive to offer customers complimentary products and actively research new products that will enable us to provide customers with first class solutions and service.



The conference will host a number of booths where companies can promote their products and services to local, regional, national, and international industry members.  For details on the exhibitor space please refer to this PDF document.

The layout of the London Convention Centre for EPEC 2015 is shown in this JPEG image.

Contact Information

Murray MacDonald
Exhibits Program Chair
75 Chalfont Road London, Ontario, Canada N6H 4Y5 Telephone: 519 – 859 – 8723